Monday, September 27, 2010

Its Been a while....

Summer past in the blink of an eye. I cannot believe how quickly it went.

It was a tough Summer for me being the first one I have worked in 15 years, but boy was it interesting!

Not too many funny stories for you as I was so busy with just day to day hotel life. People vacationing are completely different to the people we have staying during the OFF season.

The vacationers and a little more demanding and always later for breakfast.

We do have our residents that are still with us Rm # 159. I am not sure what the story is as it just is simply too unbelievable now, and I really do not wish to know what they are doing to pay for the room as it can only be bad.

We have a new regular guest Mr C, nice chap not sure why he ended up staying with us on and off for the past 4 weeks, but he is pleasant, causes no bother and is the last to breakfast at 9.35am!

We did install a lot of Flat Screen TV's since my last blog... this went smoothly and now our King section and rooms with 2 Queen beds have this nice upgrade.

Last week Panasonic delivered the 36 extra remotes that Mr PP ordered. These 36 Remotes arrived in 36 boxes..... Why I have no idea but they charged us $189.00 Delivery!

As you can imagine Mr.PP was outraged by the delivery charged he was slapped with whilst B and myself worried about the amount of trees killed to make the 35 extra boxes!

B and I Joined a local Gym... L too.

We have been very good and try to go every day. As a Weight Watcher you would think that this would be helping me... alas NO. I am watching the scales go up and not down and my body ache more and more.

Sunday at 9.30 I arrived at the gym for Body Pump... B surely was going to show up. NO! As I peeked in the studio, thinking to myself "this is when you turn and get on the Elliptical" another lady forced me in with her smile saying she would help me set up... It was the set up that scared me!

One Bar Bell with weights plus extras
One Step with 3 risers
One Mat
Two 5lb plus hand weights

I sucked it up and pumped the power for an hour, and after 30 mins of the instructor yelling at me to stick my backside out... I seemed to have good form!

Today I ache in places I should not be aching... My poor chest, triceps, Backs of the legs and my butt!

Well as we all know there is only on cure.... another session at the gym!

See you there B, don't let me down, I may get dragged in to some other Bad Ass Class!

BTW this would all be well and good if I was at my goal weight and was svelte like.

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