Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today was Sandwich Tuesday - YIPPE !

I am happy to report that the WW in me shared my half of the sub with E, this always turns the puss face in to a happy bunny!

We have had a bit of a dilema...well more of an ID crisis! 'Ganja Boy' checked out with T on Friday, NO long hair... was here over the weekend with long hair.... is it fake?

I can resolve the issue, I was running errands yesterday and low and behold in the grocery store I spy 'Ganja Boy' with a friend. I hide as I don't want to be spied in civilian clothing by guests!

I think his friend with no hair has been staying with him, and checking out for him and confusing us. I can report that 'Ganja Boy' still has long hair !

Today I answered the phone as was asked where were we located... I confirmed our location and the gentleman on the phone told me that he had a delivery for me, he doesn't usually deliver in my town, but there were on the way!

As I was checking out a group of guests a pizza delivery boy passes through the lobby.

Short while later the telephone rings... Mr PP answers it.

I hear him discussing Room numbers... and he is saying there is no one in that room... we don't have a room of that number... I am not sure." Send your delivery boy to the front desk"

A minute later, the pizza boy is standing in front of us, telling us he has a delivery for Rm # 524.

We inform him that we do not have a Room 524.. he did not have a guest name. He informed us he has never had to deliver to this town before and that he is from another town close by. We discuss that there is another Hotel of our chain in that town... and could he possibly be at the wrong hotel. He said he had delivered to that hotel before and it could be possible....

Off he goes....

20 mins go by and a guest comes down... as he is passing the Front desk he stops and say's " I ordered food and it might arrive as I nip out. If I leave you some money can you pay for it please?" Sure not a problem.

As he is exiting the hotel... I look at Mr PP as say... "OMG that was his Pizza, he is in room 254!" He dashes out to the Car Park to check with the guest where he ordered from and what he ordered... sure enough I was correct.

As we are laughing out loud the telephone rings.. it is the pizza restaurant. " Has anyone been down looking for food?"

Yes they have, can you please confirm the order... he huffed and puffed and insisted they don;t deliver to our town... but they were heading back as they had no luck at the other town!

The Guest comes in from running his errand, and I explain what is happening, that is food is heading back to him, for the 2nd time. As we finish our conversation and he is heading up to his room, the delivery boy arrives back.

Can you believe that the Delivery Boy blamed me?! It was all my fault for not suggesting he go to 254??

I did tell him that if anyone is to blame it is the pizza place for not asking for a name and telephone number, and for taking down the room number incorrectly!

I have never been able to order food without leaving my Name and Number?!

I think that was the longest pizza delivery ever, and it had to have been cold for sure.

One last thing I have to mention.. and then I am done.

When taking a reservation today I asked... "What type of room would you like?

She spouted off..."The most Allergen Free, quiet room... Not above the Kitchen, Not near the Ice Machine, Not Near the lift, not near the door. As for size of room... the cheapest!" I then get to method of payment.... I am reserving it with my MasterCard because the expiration date on my American Express is expiring before I arrive, but I require you to remind me at check in that I want to pay using my AMEX. I might forget ! ! ! !

Gosh I must make a note of that one !

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  1. Yes, you are absolutely to blame for dyslexia, incompetence and mental midgetry. Unbelievable. Ha Ha People are ridiculous. At least you can honor the "not above the kitchen" request...