Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodbye November....

I am guessing that just like me, you are all thankful for something. Just like most of us, as Christmas approaches one of those things is my job and bi-weekly pay check!

The hotel has been filled with guests visiting family for the holidays and also business travelers.

Today, we have 5 Norwegian guests. They were quiet whilst hanging around waiting for each other to arrive at the lobby  before they set off for their business meeting. Almost immediately I noticed that the 50 something male group leader still had the sticky clear adhesive foot long sticker stuck to the back of his new jeans. I couldn't quite make out the size, sorry!

I tried to discreetly inform the guest of his Jeans addition... The phone rang and I had to nab that,  he dashed outside to start his engine in order to defrost his windscreen. Basically I never got to tell him... and I don't think any of the people he was with told him either. I wonder how much of the day went by before someone did?

So just a few days after Thanksgiving... Christmas has arrived in a body bag !

Yes Mr Bill and Victor came down with a body bag... and out of the big body bag came the very enormous tree.

Miss B was busy Fluffing it up... yes you read correctly. She was "FLUFFING"

I felt that I should help, no girl should have to fluff alone.

I am sure tomorrow when I get in that the next step of decorating will need to be done. I am hoping that it has been completed... I am not sure I am up for such a task!

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