Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December has arrived... Happy Hanukkah

December 1st... Christmas tree is up and still standing !

I decorated it yesterday and went to bed praying that it was all still in place when I got to work this morning. Visions of balls all over the breakfast room filled my head as I went to bed. I did not secure a lot of the ornaments, just placed them gently to enable those who wish to move things an easy time without disturbing the entire tree.

The 9ft tree still stands.... the reindeer however have been drinking are have taken a tumble amongst the cabbages.

The weather was very bad today... it was dark and windy with heavy rain. B was on Thunderstorm watch, she loves a good storm. I was talking to E about cancelling next weeks milk delivery and B piped up "What the Thunderstorm is cancelled?" Oh if only I had that kind of power!

Barb is our resident Meteorologist, she keeps us well informed when bad weather is on the way! I must remember where I put my "How to survive a Hurricane" paper she gave me.

J left for the day, as she departed asked if I had an umbrella. Any good English Lady should carry one I know, but I do not. We did however manage to find one... It belonged to Victor, but if J got to her car she could drive by the door and I could grab it through the window return it to Victor and off she could go. This sounded great... until B pointed out she would blow away. Yes, attempt Number One... Unsuccessful. Umbrella turned inside out and J blew through the Carport. Attempt Number Two was to wear bin bag on head to prevent the wind and rain messing up her hair. After putting an air hole for safety purposes (we didn't want her suffocating), she started out the door. Alas, attempt number Two failed as the wind blew that bag off her head! She made a mad dash for her car as me and B stood in the foyer giggling like a pair 10 year olds!

We have an array of guests with us ranging from long tern residents, business travelers, to people hiding from family, people laying to rest  loved ones and others homeless due to fires. This really brings home to me that my troubles are pretty insignificant.

Today sees the first day of Hanukkah so I plugged in the Menorah.

Happy Hanukkah...

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