Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boobies... (o)(o)

I was only talking to my good friend Sue last night about the topic of this blog... though nothing had really happened in the hotel that could make it interesting and I didn't really know where to begin.

Well today it seems I get my chance to cover this topic... my eyes are still burning so I have to share it with you.

I am at the fax machine therefore not at the Front Desk, I can see it if I look up and turn my head to the right. I hear a tap and do just that.

It was a sight that no-one, no man, women or beast should have to endure. It is still so vivid in my mind.

This sight was an older gentleman, in the age bracket of 60 +, he was shorter than average and over weight...AKA DUMPY. Imagine the long grey chest hair over the large round belly and the 2 biggest boobs hanging so low they almost came to rest on my counter!

What.. you can't imagine and need a visual.... well here you go. This is what I saw.

Now if you have known me since Kingdown, yes my Art has not improved ! Pic quality not really that good, but I hope you can suffer too!

So as I said my eyes were burnt, I could barley see the key card he was waving at me... which I hasten to add verified and should have been working perfectly!

What on earth makes this man think that it is OK to do this? To walk around a public place with his Man Boobs on display for all to try and NOT see?

The vision just would not go away and I have been overwriting it in my head and pondering....

If he had been late 30's, dark, average height and handsome with abs of steal, solid pecks, bulging biceps and a smile to make your insides flutter I would not have thought.. Why do you think it is perfectly ok to stand there like that?, but blushed and dropped the room key !

But that is the visual I am using to clear this nasty eye scarring, and one day hope to be that lucky!


This also applies to the ladies too. It seems I am the only lady who knows they sell a thing called a strapless bra.

Believe it or not, they are a great asset to your strappy sun dress or tank top because.. yep NO straps, and perfectly placed boobies.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a small girl. Never in my life have I ever thought it 'OK'  to leave the house bra less... even with a built in shelf my strapless is coming with me.

Everyone needs to know that you can only use the shelf solo if you have small hard lumps in place of your breasts.

So all of you women that sit in my breakfast room or come to the front desk minus a bra, with your tits as far down as your belly button... I am telling you it is WRONG... just WRONG. Please love your breasts and have them in the perfect position every time you are in public,.. especially at my work place.

I have in  he past raise a lot of money for Breast Cancer, my mother is a survivor and remind you all to check your boobies regularly.... preferably before you put them in their rightful place!

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