Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just a regular Tuesday !

Nothing too exciting to report this past week....

No sign of Ganja boy since my last blog.

Every Tuesday host a Networking Meeting in our conference room, and today was no different. They start early... networking at 7-9.

I was startled by the arrival of Mr.PP at 7.15 this morning... he tried to sneak up on me, but I sensed he was there. I thought for a moment he was here to check up on me... making sure I was attending to the Breakfast room as I should... I really should have made him sit in my chair for a while so he could benefit from the blinding sun, and  I could see him fumble around with white spots in front his eyes... it really is blinding!

He came in early to tackle the mess in his office... I should start by letting you know that Mr. PP is a hoarder of anything that moves and doesn't move! This is not a task that is going to be completed in the hour he has allowed, I am guessing if he shows up an hour early everyday to tidy it, it may take at least 50 days and that is just office #1... he has 2!

Tuesday have become Sub-Tuesday for Me and B... this week was different, she had a lunch meeting which left me minus lunch!

I ate a late breakfast of a Banana and Frosties.... and by 1.30pm I couldn't take it anymore... the only option for a weight watcher was OATMEAL for lunch.

I went to the pantry, grabbed a packet of oatmeal, and a bowl provided for the guest for just this. Emptied the package,added water and placed it in the microwave for 1 minute.

Easy you say.... well not for me today...

That bloody oatmeal spewed everywhere... I opened the microwave to a rolled up bowl... resembling a taco stuffed with oozing oatmeal. The bowl was rock hard and the oatmeal pretty much everywhere, but no longer in the bowl.

It took me 10 mins to clean up the sodding mess.... which then led to the phone ringing, which left me to leave with no lunch...

Those of you that know me... know that does not make for a happy girl.

The newly purchased luggage cart went for an outing to Rm 103, the car park and back... he looked so happy to have been moved from the lobby for a short while.

Rm 103 could not understand why his key card never worked... I had to replace them 3 times this morning... I asked repeatedly are you keeping them with your cell phone... magnets anything that is zapping them, because this is very unusual....

NOPE, nothing....

Well, when they left, they chuckled about the key experience... I will be coming back soon to see how many other locks they can break. At this point I discovered he was keeping it in his money clip.

Surprise... it has a whooping big magnet in it to keep it closed!

Case closed !!!

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