Monday, August 2, 2010


I have been slack on my blogs, its just I have been so busy with my life... I hate to miss a week so this is it. I hope it isn't too long winded for you all.

Today I got a very strange call...

" I would like to make a Reservation.. but 1st. Can you tell me how old your Mattresses are?"

Unfortunately I had no flipping clue... so just replied.

"No I don't but if you like a firmer mattress over a soft then this is a special request we can try to accommodate"

I am pleased to announce I now know the answer and am better prepared for the next time I get asked the question. The correct answer is....

"Less than 5 years"


Did I tell you about Ganja boy ?

He has been residing in #124 and 126 over the past 2 weeks. 

He checks in very early in the morning.... smokes and fills the halls with the smell of weed all morning long... and then stays another night.

Sometimes I worry that Housekeeping are going to get the effects of 2nd hand smoke and I am going to get left out!

The other day he came down to the front desk to extend his stay and he couldn't get back in the room. Seems he had left his room via the sliding door... forgot this and tried to get back in the locked door.

This same night he acquired the munchies.... and I guess the only option for him was the vending machine by Door B. This vending machine is not owned or operated by the hotel, and outside company comes every week to restock it. Seems in Ganja boys munchie attack he purchased a Hostess cake from the vending the mad rush to cram it into his mouth he missed the mold... until the last bite. 

He bought what was left to L, who could only offer him a refund and pass on the details to the vending company..he did not want to part with the moldy bite that was left.. and seemed upset he may get sick from eating the mold!

He is harmless enough... I have given him a lesson on how to access your room with a key, so he should be good this week if he shows up.


It was a weekend for a visit from a regular drunk.... I pity housekeeping. If you are going to binge drink please where a depend when you sleep!


I am bracing myself for the Naked Weekend...

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