Sunday, January 23, 2011

California Girl

A few weeks have past since this young lady from California walked through the door.

At first she was slightly confused. She has flown in to NJ to Drive a car back to CA for a friend. The friend had arranged for her to pick up the car at our hotel.


She decided to grab her belongings from her car service and hang out with me in the lobby whilst she waited for the car to be dropped off.

As it happened this day was the start of a snow storm... as she sat, the snow began to fall.

After we chatted for a few hours, she started to look very sleepy and annoyed and decided to take a room and have a nap. The person she was driving for was going to pay for the room, so she checked in.

The following morning I was surprised to see her still here. The car had arrived int he PM not the AM, miscommunication somewhere! She had decided to wait for the snow to stop before she embarked on her long journey to California. We estimated she would drive a little under 3,000 miles. She said it would take about 4 days... but the weather she was going to encounter was not very nice.

I wonder how long it took her? What a great way to spend a week.

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