Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poop Man

This guest called down to the lobby and asked me if I would call and get him a cab. Of course I could, I am a very helpful and attentive Guest Services Agent, this is part of my job!

The local Cab company always ask where the guest would like to go... funny that! so I asked the guest this very question and his response was... "Over to the AH Police Department, then on to EWR"

"Very well Sir, I will let you know when they arrive"

I call the cab company,  they tell me they will be there in 10 mins. They are very reliable and are always pretty sharp, the driver always likes to come in and grab a coffee if he has time spare.

Before the car arrives the telephone rings again.... " I know longer need to go to the Police Department, they ain't gonna let me have me clothes back, switch sucks cos I stink of dog crap and have to get going"

I immediately thought this very unfortunate for the cab driver!

As I am chatting to this lovely lost lady this buffoon walks through the lobby shouting and cursing words I cannot even type into his mobile phone. This lovely stinky man slams his key card on the counter and gets in to the cab.

I guess he just checked out!

I wish this was the end of this story... but alas no!

About an hour later this angry man calls me, turns out it is Stinky and he is not happy.

Stinky yells at me telling me I have charged his credit card when he paid cash, he wanted a refund.. blah blah blah. 

I advised him to hold whilst I looked in to it...

" Yes, Sir you are correct we did indeed make a charge to you card..." before I had completed my sentence I rudely interrupted.

"Well I paid cash, you have no business charging my card and MAXING it out"

" Sir, you had a balance from a long distance telephone call, this is the charge that went on your Credit Card"

" How much?'

" $1.50"

"Well, Why did you max out my card?"

" Sir, I really think you need to ask the bank that question!"

About 2 hours after he had initially left... I answer the telephone and it the AH Police Department. They had a few questions with regards to STINKY.

What made me chuckle was the excitement in the officers voice when I was able to tell him where this person had headed. He was shocked that I knew....

"Very easy Officer. I ordered his cab!"

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  1. I hope you pumped the purell dispenser after retrieving his room card!