Friday, January 21, 2011

Smelly People

I really don't get it....

You have had a night in a hotel... hot water, shower and bath available ensuite, clean towels. We provide Soap, Shampoo and conditioner and any other toiletries you may have forgotten. But still you smell?

It is one of life's big mysteries I guess. Like, Why is orange jam called Marmalade?!

I can understand encountering smelly people at check in, those who have been hard at work in the outdoors, working up a sweat. But at check out there is no excuse.

I wonder why, especially when I am trying not to inhale whilst also trying to be polite. It's hard to talk when you can't breathe. These people are the ones who want to chat more and are intent on finding out where I hail from! I have taken a liking to the new Febreeze Dragonfruit air freshner... and I am not afraid to use it!

I have a few suggestions, but nothing is acceptable!

They have a phobia of being naked in a strange environment, even with the door locked!

Can't be bothered?

Have no sense of smell?

Don't like our towels? Please pack your own!

The fear of drowning in a small amount of water plagues on their mind?

Can't swim?

Can't operate the tap?

Needs assistance with drying?

Can't unwrap the soap?

Please feel free to add your comments ! 

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