Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year brings new...

The first thing that springs to mind is resolutions... I have decided that mine will be to eat 2 pieces of fruit everyday, continue to watch my weight and visit the gym on a very regular basis.

I am so lucky my friend and co-worker is also my gym buddy. This will help me get back on track after a little holiday break.

The break was unintentional... I got snowed in the hotel and did not have a gym bag with me other wise I could of easily used the small work out facility we have. Thursday I threw myself down the stairs as I rushed out to work... meant another delay due to bruises.

Tomorrow I will be back on track!

I am glad the New Year didn't bring any trouble today. Just one Sexerciser who took a time out over the holiday... he seems to be back on track today !

I see sexercisers in many forms... and who am I to judge. Obviously I don't ! This guy is a sleeze ball. He could arrive any day of the week... he is not fussy what day, I guess their schedule changes every week. unlike others that come the same day every week....with out fail!

Flem, thats what I call him is least 58 years old... and just makes my skin crawl. I have never seen the female...but I alway wonder what on earth attracts her to him.

Yes I ate my 2 pieces of Fruit today... Day one complete. We all have resolutions for the new year and I  hope you are doing as well as I am so far!

Happy New Year!

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