Friday, July 23, 2010

A week in July.....

It has been a busy and entertaining week and the hotel motel... NOT Holiday Inn.

This week saw the arrival of Mrs B.. #129.  Mrs B is at least 80 years old... Deaf as a post but a sweet ole dear.

Breakfast ends at 10am... she arrives every morning at 9.55am. She has been staying with us annually for what I can tell is longer than I have been alive! This means she feels right at home and treats it as such.

The beginning of the week when she arrived the room was pretty much eaten and drunk dry. She has kept me on my toes... making sure she has enough decaf when she arrives and milk too.

Wednesday Mrs B called the Front  Desk and yelled down the phone as deaf people often do...


I replied telling her that to do this I would need to come to her room and retrieve them for her. After yelling loud enough the entire hotel could hear me without the need of a telephone... she got the message that I would come down at the end of my shift. This I did... 8 messages later I wrote them all down for her. She has a very busy social life for an 80 year old. I was quite jealous!

The following morning I say Good Morning as she is sitting eating her Cheerios.... no reply.

I am still pottering about cleaning up, and yep you guessed it, it is past 10.15 and breakfast is over.... still no communication. Eventually I get her attention by a little wave and she informs me in a very loud voice...


I had to chuckle...

One morning this week and I cannot remember which exactly I arrive and a Big tour bus is parked out front... Now Santana was playing at the local arts centre the night before and for a minute I thought he needed emergency accommodation! Lots of people sat in the sunny breakfast room speculating who was staying... some had the same thought as me and wanted to know where Santana was eating breakfast. Turns out the bus was a group of surfer dudes touring catching waves up the east coast... Nice kind a lifestyle if you can get it!

I had a very funny telephone conversation today in which I was asked... "What is there to do in your town?" My immediate reply was... "Depends what your into" I established that they were travelling with children... so other than the beach... I gave them...

Outback Steakhouse to eat
Kohls to shop
Mini Golf
Our pool.... I mean what else do you need on vacation!

Another call from another hard of hearing guest wishing to book his stay... Mr M, after yelling and me and finalizing his reservation I must be sure to let Mr PP know of his arrival... I did... but Mr M called back 10 mins to remind me again and also could I call the rewards program and let them know of his intended stay.. Sure thing Mr M.. I am right on it! He let me know that there was a really nice lady at the front desk when he visited last year... I reassured him that she had been replaced with another lovely lady and he trip will be wonderful :-)

We have another family join us through the Red Cross, this lucky family and 5 children survived a blazing home which was struck by lightening. They are a very sweet and lovely family and they are appreciating life and reminding me not to sweat the small stuff as I search for a room for them Saturday night in our already full house...

Lets hope the weekend staff enjoy their job as much as I do... its going to be a busy one with 2 weddings and a memorial group in house. I am sure by the time Monday arrives Mr PP is going to be completely stressed out and start my day off just great... Bring it on, I intend to relax all weekend long !

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