Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 day week and its only Tuesday!

My work week started on Sunday this week. I covered the Sunday shift so that R could go to the city and see a show... in return I get Wednesday off.

This sounded great when she called me Thursday to ask me of this favour.  I planned to do my Christmas shopping on my new day off to avoid the crazy weekend shoppers.

Sunday came and I had a cold, I went to work at 6.45am and snuffled through my day. It made a nice change to see the weekend folk, they are somewhat different to the weekly guests. They arrive later for breakfast and are on slow mode! It was a nice change.

It was Harry Potter day on one of the TV channels so I watched that all day and got out my knitting.

The perfect day some would say.

Monday came and I felt worse, my nose is dripping constantly and I had a thick head.

Today came and  I didn't think it possible to feel any worse than I did yesterday.. but guess what I do and to top it all off my body thinks its Wednesday because I have been to work for 3 days.

I am discombobulated, my head is hurting, my nose is running and its not Wednesday and I CANNOT call out sick.

I drag my sorry self to work... and I feel so bad for anyone who has had to come into contact with me today. I felt extremely sorry for the guests in 164 and 166 who arrived to check in at the same time, right when my body wanted to sneeze a million times and I could not stop. Tissues everywhere, I was so embarrassed and I just wanted the floor to open up and swallow me in.

This is when I was reminded about my inevitable death by Neti Pot,  right now that seemed a better place to be.

Last night a friend of mine foretold the tale of how I suffered a terrible death in my very own bathroom by drowning in saline solution from my Neti Pot. It was told very well... and for this laugh I am truly grateful, but not at that moment.  After my sneezing fit was over, I laughed, coughed, choked and apologized for even being there.

They both wished me well and hoped I would feel better soon. I informed them it would be safe to visit the Front Desk as I would not be in tomorrow!

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