Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

The Holiday arrived... I barely finished my shopping and now it is over and I am back to work.

Familiar families arrived for the holidays. It was nice to see the friendly faces arrive to celebrate.

I was fortunate to have the weekend off with my family as I do every week. But they the storm arrived.

Yesterday, Dec 26th. Boxing Day the storm started.

At 10am the kids were so happy.... by 2pm we went to friends for chilli.... and at 5.30 we headed home in White Out Conditions.

I had to be at work at 6.45am Monday morning and we were forecast 2 ft of snow. As all of you know I am really not a morning person. It takes every ounce of my being to be at work at 6.45am after jumping slowly from my bed at 6.10am. If we did indeed get 2ft of snow... How the hell was I going to get there on time? I can't possibly shovel snow before 9am!

Well working at a hotel... meant a bed for the night. I packed my overnight bag and prepared for my night away from home.

I drive 2 miles to work... and it was complete hell driving here. White out conditions... stuck cars, trucks, jug handles full of snow. I was thinking how smart I was to leave the night before.

At 6 am when I awake... I am feeling even smarter. My commute is the elevator, I can't possibly be late! I have never seen snow like it in my life.. the snow has drifted up the doors 4 ft. Cars are completely covered in snow...they reported we had 28 inches of snow.

I spent the day watching as others changed there plans... people stranded here that live just a few miles away. I was due to leave at 12 noon. T got snowed in... so now I am here until 3pm. It really will be cleared by then.

It is 8:21pm and after watching lorries, cars, vans skidding all over the highway. People arriving crying, the roads are so bad. I am still at the hotel.

My street has not been plowed... so even if I could safely make it out on to the highway... I couldn't get in my street or driveway... to turn back at 6.30 to leave again. I choose the safest way!

I guess this is why they declared a State of Emergency... but why don't people listen and not travel.

A small car ran off the highway and got stuck in the entrance to the hotel... they were not staying here, just passing by. We had to push them out... this was not the first. The men here have been pushing cars all day long. These people are travelling with small children.... surely nothing is THAT important?!

Let's hope tomorrow that the highway is still not the blanket of compact ice it is right  now and that my street has been plowed... otherwise I will be here a 3rd night.

Stay safe!

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