Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Day off with the Chiropractor

As you are aware it is my day off...

Sods law prevails and I am still suffering with a cold and really have no energy for what I wanted to do, that my friends was tackling my Christmas Shopping.

However, my first stop was the Chiropractor my favourite place in the world. Well 2nd after my bed!

When I arrived at 10am my concerned Chiro asked me if I was going to be all right face down with my head cold. Of course I was going to be alright, I could not miss my adjustment for a mere cold.

" Grab a handful of tissues and get your head down there" was what he said.

OMG I must be been ill...

I simply grabbed the tissues and giggled inside as he left the room.

I had missed my chance of completely embarrassing him!

I wanted to say so many things... but the moment had gone when witty remarks came flooding into my head,  I am little slow today!


  1. If only you could have your first and your second favorites in one place. how cozy that would be.

  2. my best comebacks are almost always unheard. we should start a group blog and write about them :)