Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The height of laziness?

As I answer the telephone the caller asks  " Are you located at 3 Crowne Plaza?"

"No" we are located at .....

" Can you tell me the rate please?"

" I can tell you the rate for our hotel, yes"

" No, I want the rate the hotel at 3 Crowne Plaza, I am sitting in their car park, so why would I want your rates?!"

"Well, Get out of your car and go in and ask them you lazy bitch" is NOT what I said...

" Maybe if you call the 800 number they will be able to help you " IS what I said.

This prompted me to think about just how lazy we are becoming.

We can drive through to get our food and coffee, drop off and pick up prescriptions, even deposit at the bank.

Now you want Drive through Hotels!

I have to admit I very rarely use a drive through. Whilst I am physically able, why not walk?!

If nothing else my heart will stay healthy.

1 comment:

  1. I wanted to buy stamps through a bank ATM today, the Post Office is unbearable this time of year. I am only lazy when it comes to the internets though, I still hate bothering real people. I wish they would have the same consideration for us ha ha :)