Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Monday, so good to me !

Only a 5 hr shift for me today, I do like Mondays!

E was her normal chipper self this morning... I smiled and said good morning as she strolled in. I got a poked out tongue and a grunt as usual. But hey, you gotta love E!

B called, she wasn't coming in, she was on her way to 2 meetings... silly girl! Mondays are not the days for early morning meetings. I did not have much time to catch up with her as she came in clutching a 7-11 Coffee cup.

In Strolls Mr PP, "Good Morning" I say as I greet him across my counter..."What's so good about it?" was his reply... Crickey I cannot believe what a great day I am in for... please enough of the jolly humour!

T, she always makes me giggle. Mondays are no exception, even if a little tough. We were both pleased to see Mr Death, Rm #110 or AKA Just one more night... had finally departed.

This did cause me to break out in my own rendition of "Just One More Night" I figured if they were all so glum, maybe I would just sing through my shift and cheer them all up.

Sexercising started at 8.30... Glad to see someone was going to enjoy the day!

I forgot to tell you last week about the guest who couldn't get out of their room. This made me giggle so have to share it.

I was just minding my own business at about 8.15 last Thursday, when the phone rings...

"Guest Services"

"We cannot get out of our room"

"Excuse me?"

"We cannot open the door, we are locked in"

"Have you pulled back the bar?"


"Released your dead bolt?"


"I will send maintenance to assist you"

You guessed it, I was maintenance at that early hour... so after telling Mr G and Miss A who were eating in the breakfast room, that I was off to assist a guest who could not get out of their room and if I did not return to send help!

I got to the door of rm # 107 and heard cries of... "We are stuck in here" I slid the door key I had made into the lock...

I received an ORANGE light... this means the Dead bolt in still in use and I cannot get it.

From behind the door I hear "See, we are stuck"

I wiggle the handle, rattle the door and I hear the dead bolt fall back into place....and a resounding...

YEAHHHHH from behind the door.

I was a HERO !

I giggled all the way back to my station, and made sure Mr B oiled the lock when they had checked out.

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