Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday April 30th 2010

What a lovely end to the month of April, the sun is shining and the forecast for the weekend is HOT HOT HOT!

Which brings me to my topic of blog today. Thank you MD for the reminder.


The breakfast room is a sunny place, especially if we are greeted by Mr Sunshine. Other days it is a Bright room with a view of the garden area in the front of the hotel.

People enjoy their breakfast in here and often comment on the lovely room with the glass frontage.

I am slowly learning that many people have different views.

Today during the early part of breakfast 7-8am, when the sun comes up and blinds me as I sit at the front desk praying it is still there when I leave at 3pm, (it has a tendency to disappear when I leave for the day) I often think for a second that the sun is blinding me, but wow what a lovely start to the day.

There was a gentleman, sitting in the breakfast room, back to the sunny window eating with his wife, watching the news.

They seemed really happy, but as I entered to get myself a cup of tea, I was asked.

"Can you close the blinds?" I did ask this man to repeat his question as I was a little shocked, hadn't had a cup of tea and may have been mishearing him.

"Can you shut the blinds?" by this time he had turned around to survey, we have no blinds.

I told Mr Q, We do not have blinds, but if you are hot I will lower the temperature on the AC for you.

"The temperature is not the problem young lady, ( hee hee YOUNG!) The problem is that I am blinded by the sun.... please remember his back is to the window.

In my mind I said, please go sit in my seat, I have white dots in front my eyes, but do you hear me complaining, its glorious out!

Asking him to turn away from the sun was not going to solve the problem, so I merely said, It is a lovely day !

"WEll, you believe me when I tell you that you WILL lose business because of this"

Oh boy... How was I going to tell Mr PP that he will be losing business now the sun is shining and everyone is flocking to the beach?

I had to ditch my Tea and head back to my sun filled area, and chuckle to myself.

I had many bad comments for him in my head...

"Maybe Sir you should visit NJ during the months of Dec/Jan/Feb, when the sun is not so often seen"

"Sir, why don't you take your breakfast back to your room and enjoy it from your patio"

"I advised that if you stay another night, you lay in bed an extra hour and come down to breakfast when the sun is slightly higher in the sky and won;t bother you"

Can you believe by the time he checked out he had surveyed the Breakfast Room and presented me with a solution for the SUN discomfort he felt.

Purchase a lot of the tint you can buy to put across the top section of your car windscreen and place it on the top 3ft of the windows....

My solution.... You do not stay again if the sun bothers you,go to the UK for a vacation instead!

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