Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Romance is still alive!

One of our guests went all out on the romance yesterday, but it didn't end as planned.

I have spoken before about the security deposit required when guests want to pay by cash to cover incidentals and theft.

I checked a couple in at around 10am, it seems they did not need to spend the night so sometime between 3pm and 5pm they checked out and waited as the room was checked in order to have the deposit returned.
T, strolled off to check the room and on entering the room she saw PETALS, How romantic, he bought rose petals! Her immediate thought I am sure was... E isn't going to be happy in the morning, so T planned on cleaning that up herself!

On further inspection of the room she noticed that the Petals were all over the sheets, and in the bed. I am sure no-one would have thought that rose petals when used in this manner can stain white sheets in the same way Red Wine will.

The sheets looked like Red Wine had been splashed on them, this had seeped into the mattress pad below.

Can you imagine, standing at the front desk waiting for T to come back... he must have known there was going to be a problem!

Poor T had to tell the young romantic he had just lost $75 thanks to the staining Rose Petals...

I am happy to report that the stains were successfully removed from all items, except one. He was today refunded $65, and will probably think twice about purchasing Roses to use in this manner again.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

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