Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Unwanted List

Yes it exists... A list of people not wanted at our hotel.

You really have to be a complete numpty to get yourself on this list of 23... and once you make it, you will be there forever.

One that springs to mind is Mr Smith. What a lovely gent he was. He stayed once and a while with his girl, always sleeping past check out time. Until one day he smoked in a NON-smoking room.

Apparently when Mr Smith checked in, the girl at the desk informed him we have no smoking rooms available but you can take a king smoking and you can smoke out on the patio....He thought that this meant, Smoke in a room reserved for the non smoking guests.

When you are a CASH customer, as this gent was, you hand over a $50 deposit for incidentals and at Check out you get this back once Housekeeping has checked the room and given the front desk the OK to hand it back. Yes you guessed it... E called me to report there had been smoking in the room...(hooray my petty cash just got bigger!)

Before I had even put the phone down Mr Smith was practically climbing over the front desk to explain... "I was told I could smoke on the patio".... "It must have blown in" "I want my money back NOW!"

To which I replied "Ok Sir, please calm down". Along comes GM Mr. PP, off he goes to check the room, and comes down with a clear plastic cup half filled with water with dog ends in it... this was found right next to the bed on the side table.


Mr Smith yelled at his girl for not getting rid of the evidence and he is now pacing even faster around the lobby, I can't keep up with him. He really must need his $50 back. Shall I tell him now the penalty for Smoking in a NON smoking room is $75, for the deep cleaning?!

She is trying to calm him down, as she knows this is not going very well . Last time she was in the hotel she was with a difference man... maybe she thinks I am going to comment on that. No comment from me!

It all ended very nasty... He used the F word at me, and Mr PP Banned him for life.

I was advised by my GM to go and check the room for myself, just to get my own point of view in the matter.

I could smell the smoke in the hallway, and as I entered the room nearly choked on the smoke...

Clearly Smoking in a NON-Smoking Room. Unless you want a $75 fine.. DON'T DO IT !

Next to make it on the Not Wanted List will be another Mr S who likes to Save Goats!

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