Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saturday Night

This past weekend I got to experience life at the hotel on a Saturday night.... believe me, it wasn't half as exciting as I thought it might be!

What was funny was the look on one guests face as they strolled past the desk, this guest known in past blogs as Mr 110 or Mr Death. Yes he is still with us and still trying to avoid actually telling me when he is departing. I have tried using my "ESPN" on more than one occasion to which I have not been very successful. I really must try harder!

I did get to witness what happens when a group of guests stay with us and attend a wedding where NO shuttle is arranged...

Mrs P arrives at Lobby and announces she has booked 3 taxi's to take her and 8 others to the wedding. Along come 2 more guests, sees that they cannot squeeze in with Mrs P and orders their own taxi from another company.... Along come his taxi... All of them leave.

30 secs later 2 young ladies are in the lobby looking for the car they booked, which was the car the 2 men got into... who would have known?!

Can you see the terrible circle developing? Yes you guessed it. Someone was always in the wrong car, because no-one actually booked the cars using their names. This went on for about an hour until all 24 guests had departed in other peoples cabs, confusing me and the taxi companies with all the phone calls!

I wondered how this happened because I call the local taxi company at least once a day and 95% of the time I HAVE to give a name otherwise the taxi company gets angry with me.

I also had a very strange telephone conversation....

I answered the telephone in my usual polite manner.

"I would like to make a reservation, But do you know when the beach is open?"

I replied "The Beach is open"



"What today the beach was open?"

I replied " Yes, the beach is open"

"Will it be open next week"

So I replied " Yes, it will be open next week"


I wanted to tell them, the beach is open all year round... you just pay between Memorial Day and Labour day!

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