Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer begins....

Mrs. B. a new guest tripped and fell down the stairs yesterday evening, seems she has broken a hip and an operation is needed to fix her. This leaves Mr. B a guest with us for a little longer than anticipated. We wish her well.

Seems the prankster Ghosts are messing with the water system in the King section... scolding hot water, no cold and hot toilets can only be the work of the spirits. I love their antics!

Worldwide travelers in Rm #236 and #240. One is a very polite young man... the other a complete tosser! Polite man extended their stay One more night... Tosser called front desk to bark "Internet not vurking" I explained we were having difficulties and we were in the process of getting it fixed. 3 calls more, he gives up and stomps into the lobby... Barking and staring at me to "FIX IT".

Crickey, I must take an IT networking course so this doesn't happen again!

I politely pointed out that I cannot fix it... the business center in the lobby was also effected..SORRY! He apparently has "Velly important App to do"!

Well once again, I am sorry. I have played personal assistant for you today, every other call asked to be put through to your room... and 50% of the other calls was you asking me to fix the internet or wanting instructions on how to dial out from your room!

I guess there is one consolation... You never burped in my face today.

And just when you think you have had enough....

The phone rings and one of my favourite guests are on the line to tell me they are on their way for 2 nights.

This is why I love my Job.... You never know who is going to check in next!

Rm #255 I await your pleasant conversation at Breakfast tomorrow.

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