Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cold Shower anyone?

Not likely this morning if you were in the King section. Once again the Kings only had HOT water.

Yes you read right the cold water is Hot, the Toilet water is even HOT.

I did tell my friend, you know the one that only I can see, to please stop goofing around and go and fix it. There is no other explanation other than them playing tricks for attention.

I wanted to see how long it took them to sort this mess out, and sure enough by 10am when Mr PP instructed me to see if I would take a shower in 160 the water was lovely and cold if the tap was turned just slightly!

I thanked my mischievous spirits for correcting it. Mr PP just said " See nothing wrong now, it comes and goes and there is nothing I can do. It corrects itself"

Oh please my theory is far more likely.. Hot water in the toilets can only be the work of mischiefs.

A few hours later.....

BANG BANG BANG.... Bang Bang.... Rattle Rattle...


There is a man outside banging on the glass window trying to get in, he thinks I am locking him out !

Now the sliding glass door is 3 ft to the left, but he is still frantically banging.

Now I am Laughing. NOT out loud... but in my belly !

He enters eventually and asks " Where is Dr Kelley's office?"

WHAT?! Now I am google maps as well as tourist information...I have no idea and he asked for a phone book.

I could tell this wasn't going to go well as he starts looking for Physician under "D".

I couldn't stand the pain as he is spelling Physician out loud PHS PHY... but still in the "D" section.

I offer to find the name for him. After 5 mins and every section of Dr's and the business section the only Dr Kelley I can find is a Chiropractor. (Not as good as mine I am sure!)

He proclaims his Dr Kelley is an Ortho and he is due to have surgery tomorrow and is already an hour late for his appointment.

Now, some clever person decides to call Directories to locate this Dr K.... Seems that she is part of a practice under another Dr's Name in the town over...He locates the name of the practice in the Yellow Pages and asks me to call them...

" Why do you want me to call them?"

" So they can tell you their address"

The address was in the phone book under the telephone number...


I order him a cab, and he asks if he can leave his bike in the lobby... it cost $1500 so please do no take your eyes off it.

He leaves.... Drunk as a Friggin Skunk.

The more I think about it... the more I think he has no idea where his bike is now and maybe, just maybe it was borrowed!

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