Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Temperatures are rising.....

We are hitting some record temps here, this seems to make some people cranky...

One young woman, I guess you could call her that. She was female under 25 years old, over 200lbs in a mini skirt with red hair with the bark of a Rotti.

During her breakfast she bolted out of the Sun filled too to launch a Cheese Danish over the counter at me claiming it was crawling with bigs.

My 1st reaction was "Love. You should be eating Yoghurt and Fruit!"

I saw NO bugs. just flakes of Cinnamon, she claimed "You are lucky I never bit it, otherwise I would be suing I". What for I am not sure! These prepackaged breakfast items are sealed in plastic... nothing can get in.

Anyway off they went.

I called Mr PP to let me know of the drama caused.

Within 10 mins of leaving she was on the telephone demanding to speak to my boss. He spoke to her...

30 mins later the official complaint.

I hate those that need to find an excuse for a reduced rate.

I should mention that 2-3 weeks ago this family were here and as I was relaxing in the pool this "GIRL" wanted to put her dog in it..She kept exclaiming... "NO-ONE will KNOW"!

Trashy People are not welcome, GOODBYE !

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