Thursday, July 1, 2010

Numpties and Erectors...

Today my day was full of Numpties and the return of the Erectors !

For all of you who do not know what a Numpty is I will explain....

Scottish usage: a) Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others. b) A good humoured admonition, a term of endearment c) A reckless, absent minded or unwise person

If you want to know about the Erectors... well that leaves a lot to the imagination !

The phone has not stopped ringing today with Numpties wanting a room on Saturday... We have been fully booked for weeks now what with it being a holiday weekend and all the special events taking place around us, and then in amongst all this the Hotel Magazine want you to fill out a survey, or someone calls for someone that doesn't work here, but.. insists Susan really does work there and that I must be mistaken because she handles all the banquets! Well that means you want to speak to the lovely B, hold on!

Yesterday B took a call from a company working locally on a new convenience store... seems they needed somewhere to stay last night... The company name was Eagle Erectors and 6 erectors were coming to stay... in a childish manner we sniggered.

Well they checked out this morning and I never got to see the Erectors... but just received an important text informing me the Erectors Returned... Still called for a Childish snigger !

Then there was Rm#161... nice enough older gentleman who drives a tour bus. Had to be well into his 50's but you know, thought I was a nice young lady! As I was clearing out the breakfast room he was making  small talk and if I was not mistaken starring at my legs...he was saying how he came down looking for me to go for a drink or something... I switched off.

Every woman, married or single gets a boost when someone looks at them or pays them a compliment... but how is it so far it is only old cronies that pay them to me.

Still waiting for a Bronzed Adonis to make eyes at me!

After my day of numpties I was fortunate enough to have an appointment with a Medical Professional who relaxes me with his great work. I am happy to report he resembles the Adonis more than the Numpties!

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