Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Me, B and Mr PP!

That is Tuesday's.

Me, Thee and He !

Some are good and some are bad.

Tuesdays has also developed into $5 Sub day too... This is not good for the Weight Watcher in me, but delicious all the same. Some weeks I eat my half, others I share my half with E. Today she had already had a nice healthy lunch of Oatmeal Cookies so I scoffed the lot, that Turkey sure tasted yummy.

Networking meeting was at breakfast time, they are rude some days and nice the others. Today there was only one nice one about. Mr A, the Limo Man! Maybe they are not morning people and this is why they are cranky. They come every week...and they are a little too comfortable now. Like today, they stroll in to the breakfast room and take for their use 4 chairs. This leaves 2 tables, chairless...WTF?! are they paying guest supposed to kneel and eat their breakfast?

Within 30 mins a entire football team from a high school appear for breakfast and I am 4 chairs short of a diner!

To the closet I go... I was so thankful E had decided to show up for work at 8am otherwise I would have been even more pee'd off than I already was.

4 chairs later and everyone has a seat.. approximately 30 muffins were consumed and a lot of bagels. They were very well behaved boys, polite too... the coach really had them under control.

The phone rang non stop... I munched in between calls. This is a talent I have developed... who would have guessed!

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