Thursday, April 22, 2010

Goodbye Room 127

The occupants of Room 127 have been with us for over 3 weeks, a single mother and her 3 boys came to us the day after a fire tore through the home she rented.

This lady did everything in her power to find another home for her family, but as we all know, this is a very expensive state we live in.

Days and weeks of tough decisions, she finally decided she was leaving the state with her boys to be near her family.

This has been a very a traumatic time for this family, and being a single parent you really do have to take it all, the good and the bad alone.

Little J will be missed tomorrow, I smile as he hands his mother a small cup of Orange Juice every morning, he looked after her! He learnt how to toast his own bagel, and even spread the Cream Cheese!

Mom always looked drained, in need of a hug or a friendly shoulder to lean on. Often she would take the kids to school and return for an adult conversation with either myself or B.

I will miss them tomorrow, but fear not... I have come to learn so quickly that when one leaves another one soon checks in.

I wish them well in their new life, it will be a great adventure for them all. She looked so happy to be on her way to this new life she is creating...

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