Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday April 21st 2010

Busy, Busy with people in and out.

We have lots of regulars in house, and a few extended stays and they are 'Family'.

Rm 242 always makes me smile, she is here from Georgia co-ordinating a disaster relief center in a near by town.. and always comments on how "Model" like I look each day.. I have these lovely morning comments for another 2 weeks ~ yipee! I did mention that she might need to get her eyes checked by the doctor, and she just laughs at me and tells me how 'bright' I make her morning.

Rm 241 stay for a week at a time, they were not here last week, but returned on Monday. They make me smile, 3 guys who are very nice with a love for Banana's for breakfast!

Rm 103 I will leave for another day !

Rm 128 visits for a couple of nights each week... he has a love for Chinese Massage Treatments... It may be verging on "R" Rated, but didn't have time to ask!

Rm 110 has been here for 4 weeks now, nice enough, but thinks I am a Numpty! (Numpty = Stupid) When he first arrived I turned a blind eye to the fact that he was sneaky two of the biggest dogs you have ever seen into his room. We are pet friendly, but do charge a small fee to cover the cost of the deep cleaning of the room after you have departed. For reasons unknown to me he was convinced we have been grossly overcharging him for his room. So yesterday I went through his account and double checked the payments... he was right we had in error over charged him by 0.01 cent.

I apologised and deducted the amount from his next payment for the next 2 nights.

Then today I get a call from him where he proceeds to hand the telephone over to his BOSS.. he is paying the bill ! ! Well he ranted and raved on at me, I couldn't get a word in edgeways. So I politely told him, "if he would stop talking over me, lower his voice and I would do my very best to solve the issue in hand". After detailing the bill he was pleasant enough when we said Goodbye.

But, all I could hear in the background was Mr 110 yelling... "I never agreed to that, I thought Seventy something... Well I am gonna go in there and contest this!" I asked myself, Is this before or after I charge you for your giant dogs?

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