Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday April 20th 2010

Everyone was pleased to see my "ESPN" is working to its full potential. I have had a few doubts with regards to my psychic ability, but my psychic friend is convinced I have 'A Gift'.

We all try to use our powers whenever possible. But, when the caller asks "Do you do a short stay ?" I have to responded... "That depends on what YOU consider a short stay!"

Housekeeping worked very quietly today trying not to disturb the "sleeping bunnies" in house. It was unfortunate for One Bunny that someone made an error and I inadvertently woke him up! Sleeping Bunnies are those who work the night shift and require a bed to hibernate during the day!

As we all know we all learn something new everyday.... today I learnt 2 things.

1. Yes B does seem to know everything

2. Always carry a coffee pot like a newborn baby or football, otherwise the handle can be left in your hand as the pot crashes to the floor spilling hot coffee all over the floor and filling ones shoes!


  1. I'll be a little late for our Weds Crazys, have "Gold Medal" breakfast til 10. Keep the natives under your thumb, might as well add the coffee pot too :)

  2. Ouch, that lesson number two sounds painful.