Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday April 26th 2010

Mondays are always a slow morning, and I enjoy catching up in the stories from the weekend in our little communication book, chuckling to myself.This week a little slower due to the busy weekend at home, and lack of funnies in the book.

VocalDente were staying this weekend. Known to us as singing dentists, B took the group booking.

What a surprise I got when they one by one they came down for Breakfast... alas NOT singing dentists, in fact very cute European singing group. OK not my kind of music, but pleasing on the eyes. Poor B was at a breakfast meeting and missed the entertainment.

Sexercising started early today... L takes the day, I hope enjoying every moment! Breakfast is always taken to that room, and sometimes a late check out the following day ensures you get your money's worth even if you cannot spend the night.

It does however make me wonder who on earth can afford this activity !

Senario.... Man walks in and says " I'll take a room in the back, King Bed Please" Cash comes out... so you know he wants NO trace.

A King room is running you at $128.10 for the night.

When that person checks out only 3hrs later... that is one heck of an expensive Sexercising session!

Maybe I am greedy... but for $128.00 I would expect a lot more than 3 hrs !

These are the kinds of people that entertain my day, and make my job full of laughs.

Then there is E, Head Housekeeper and NOT a bundle of laughs on a Monday morning.. things can only get better with some more help. I did offer her a Choc Chip Muffin, but she didn't bite.

With Mr PP out for a while I have been missing my mini York Peppermint Patty treats. He leaves them for my when I least expect it... I guess T noticed that the lack of Peppermint Patties was effecting my work... One HUGE giant Peppermint Patty was handed to me with a smile. Thanks T it was delicious!

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