Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday April 27th 2010

Today the question posed is... Should the Breakfast room be a quiet room or a room for morning chit chat and conversation?

This morning Mr R, who arrived last night from the Mid-west was quietly sitting enjoying his breakfast... Sitting not so far from him was Mr C, also enjoying his breakfast and a copy of US Today.

I wandered in every now and then, checking the coffee etc and they were both in their own little worlds enjoying their quiet time.

Along comes Mr Death, remember him from my previous blog...set his boss on me because he didn't like his room rate (yes, still here) well, he is closely joined by Miss A, a long term guest working for FEMA.

All seemed well as I said "good morning"

10 mins may have passed and I entered the room again... oh boy you could cut the air with a butter knife! All I did was ask Mr. Death if he infact was checking out today as planned.

"No" he replied, "and we cannot talk in here, this is a quiet room you know!"

I was a little bemused and looked around.

Miss A has her head in her oatmeal, trying to hide in it.

Mr R winked and Mr C was chuckling very hard but as quiet as can be from behind his US today... it was moving rapidly, I could tell he was laughing !

It seems that I am not the only person who is easily annoyed by Mr Death. Mr R told him to be quiet and take is terrible conversation elsewhere.

Mr Death was offended and took his breakfast to his room, maybe he shared with his dogs.

Thank you Mr R for my quiet Breakfast room this morning... we all enjoyed the peace and quiet and the giggles from behind the paper.

Poor Miss A, she will avoid him tomorrow I am sure. The others departed on time.

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  1. I think a breakfast room should be filled with gentle goodmornings and bits of chatter, my opinion. Sorry Mr Death was bringing y'all down.