Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday April 19th 2010

Blimey, time flies when you are having fun!

Did I mention my shift starts at 7am..... so breakfast is on the checklist when I arrive in the morning... I want to know who needs all that cream cheese with the very few bagels consumed on a daily basis.

We have 2 choices of coffee... well 3 if you included DeCaf... Can you call that Coffee? The two Choices are Gourmet or Bold. J thinks the bold will put hairs on your chest so we try to discourage the female guests and employees from drinking it... so Gourmet it is for them. As it is Monday I make sure I have more than enough.

E however, drinks soda, but boy on a Monday she should try the bold... it might make her less beast like and more amenable to conversation. We love her though after Noon :-)

Sexercising started promptly at 8am, but only one participant. I am presuming a partner was supplied shortly after check in.

Due to the volcanic ash Europeans travelling back seem stranded. It was interesting listening to them, and I really wished I had paid attention during French... They were chillin on the lobby like it was there living room. Chairs being moved and monolopising the computer. Nice to see they feel at home!

Mr M has been playing musical rooms this weekend, and seems his extended stay has started to bore him, so to liven things up he thought he would try a Queen Bed for a couple of nights.... Too small, off up to the Executive King for a night and today he would like to try 162... Lets hope he likes it there and his boredom has been alleviated. Maybe tomorrow we could try another game which does not involve me having to tell E you are moving!

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