Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holiday Weekend & Life Savers....

The Holiday weekend was a busy time for us.

Yes, the Pool is officially OPEN !

It was a full house, all rooms had bodies, which is the aim of the game everyday. Just lately it has been quiet, just like most businesses the recession has hit us.

So Sunday, over the busy period of the day I helped out. It was an eye opener for me to see people everywhere. The breakfast room completely jam packed, and people in the lobby waiting for a table in the breakfast room to open up.

What a bunch of filthy pigs! It is amazing how messy these people are. They are not the business travelers I have been so used to seeing. They are vacationers... and expect to be picked up after!

This however does not give them the right to crap in the urinal in the Mens toilet!

Seems sexercising still takes place on Holidays...

There was a car in the Car Park on Monday morning covered in Neon Post it notes, maybe notes from his friends?

Which brings me to my next tale!

Someone in their 20's came to the front desk at 5.30am asking for a pillow and a blanket. When questioned he said he was staying with his friend in Rm# 237. He was asked to confirm the name of the guest staying in the room to which he said " I don't know.... there are many of them!"

He was told we would call the room to verify to which he said " NO, everyone is asleep, do not wake them."

Obviously NO Pillow or Blanket for you!

This is not the 1st incident I have come across where guests do not know the name of the friend they are staying with!

Rm# 107 is a long term guest... I already sniff trouble brewing. Be sure to check back for more antics!

I am sure you are wondering who's life I had to save. Well, it was me who was saved... and not really my life, but my lunch. At 1pm today I was shocked to find I had left my salad dressing at home and my salad was naked. Thankfully the Manager at the Restaurant next door, lovely chap, came to my rescue with some Fat Free Tangy Tomatoe. My Salad was dressed and bloody delicious thanks to Jesse!

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  1. You spelled tomato"e" like Dan Quayle spells potato"e"