Monday, June 28, 2010

Kittie's Surprise

Today, being Monday is one of my favourite days.

T and B are in... and seems we order lunch too. We have a new place thanks to L's recommendation. Today I was starving... I still have not recovered from Friday's lack of food.

T ordered and being a weight watcher I insist we share... its always nice when someone else orders for you and your lunch is a surprise. We had a Turkey BLT and it was delicious.

A guest remarked that she thought we had a litter of kittens under the pool shed. I have seen a cat coming and going when I am in the pool... as we all know I like to enjoy this perk!

This played on my mind all day, I am a lover of the animals and had to rescue them and get them to the SPCA. I had not seen the mother in a few days.

Lots of sexcercisers today.... seems that 100 degree weather is a great day to be doing indoor sports. I would like to report that NONE of them made use of the pool facilities.

After a busy morning, Mr PP politley reminded me about the amount of fruit he liked in the breakfast room and kitchen. Today he requires less than I have been having. I politely reminded him that last week you requested I upped the fruit to at least 10 pieces of each. This happens a lot, the mind changing. I guess he really has nothing else to worry about! I just take it in and make a note... I am sure tomorrow it will be something else.

At the end of my shift I went out to the pool shed. To my surprise there were at least 5 kittens, possibly 6 and NO mummy cat.

I came home and went back with cat food and my cat carriers. After 40 mins I had caught 4, they were very hungry and very cute... I easily led them to my trap with a can of 9 lives!

Seems the others were a bit smarter... the storm came and I had to leave... I think there are 2 more to catch.

I popped back this evening, I didn't want them to be scared or hunted by a raccoon. I was unsuccessful and will be heading back to catch them tomorrow. Whilst I was at the hotel a guest confirmed there are in total 6 kittens, he has not seen a Mummy, but has been feeding them shrimp!

Tomorrow sees us enjoying another perk thanks to the lovely B... T, Mr PP, B and I are taking our families to see a Baseball Game !

I will be driving and you bet I will be eating a HOTDOG!

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  1. Glad you can help the kitties. Maybe if mum comes back you can get her to the spca, too, so she does not reproduce again (bad for her and for them), and so she can find a home, too. You've done a good deed for these babies. Purrrrrrrrrrrr.