Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lets Groove Tonight!

My day started and by 8.30am I knew it was going to be a challenge.

Rm 107, Mrs J. Called me from her mobile telephone device to inform me that once again we had charged her twice for her week stay. No we have not charged you twice, there must be a Credit Authorisation hold on the account that should drop out any day as your payment was posted Sunday.

Well as you can imagine, she wanted me to deal with it right there, right now. I politely informed her that no-one was here that could authorise me to clear the hold right now and when someone came in, which I assured her would be before 10am, I would call her and sort it out.

I head to the breakfast room, because it was busy. Rm# 107 had cleared me out of most things... I needed to restock and make more coffee before another batch of departing guests wish to check out.


I dash back to the Front desk to answer the phone....

This is Blah Blah Bank calling, I have Mrs J on the line and I understand that you are unaware that you are holding money for her.

So I start.... "I can see that we posted the payment, and what you are referencing must be the authorisation which has not dropped out as yet"

"Yes said the bank. we require you to fax me a letter authorising a release on the funds."

"I have already spoken with Mrs J. and I will tell you what I told her less than 10 minutes ago... I am not authorised to do that. However if you give me a fax number I will sort it when someone who is arrives I will call her and get this sorted"

" What, you are telling me YOU are THE only person there?!"

" Yes, I am!"

I wanted to add.... "It is before 8.30.. Mrs J just left with her family and cleared me out of food in the breakfast room, she knows damn well I am the only one here!"

Now I am irritated, I have lots to do before E arrives... wanting Housekeeping reports, and here I am repeating myself. I know the coffee has brewed and now 3 people are waiting for it, Dr K is at the desk waiting to check out and the other line is ringing!!!

Please let me hang up and deal with the other things.

I hang up.... check out the Dr. and answer the other call... make a dash to put out the coffee and refill the milk jug.


" This is Mrs J. Are you from London?"

My mind said..."You have to be F'ing kidding me, you called me back to ask me where I am from?"

I confirmed that I am in fact from South England.

"I thought as much"

I ask Mrs. J if there is anything else she needed, I have a line of guest wishing to check out... she never gave me time to deal with them from our previous conference call with the bank. She let me hang up!

OMG its not even 8.30!!!


I think I might have figured out why the Americans cannot pronounce Yoghurt.... It seems they spell it wrong... They spell it yogurt... of course they are going to say yow-gurt if they spell it that way.

Please let it be known that Yoghurt is how it is spelt, and you pronounce it YOG-HURT.


Seems Mr. PP spoilt the Russian girls by making them a waffle yesterday. They came to the front desk at 9.45 and requested I make them Porridge.... HAHAHA!!

I point them in the right direction, but make them stir it themselves.


Earth, Wind and Fire took 6 rooms tonight... 2 for the tour bus drivers and the others for showering and resting....

So Lets Groove tonight.. Sing along!


  1. Oh you South-English gals (south english? south england? oh- hog wash, I don't know...) anyhow, I have heard about you and your Yog-hurt. Now is that pronounced Yog like hog? or yog like, ummmm........... where was I going with this? ;)