Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weird Happenings over night....

This morning when I arrived, I picked up the journal to have a little read of the over night happenings...

L reports weird happenings!

A smartly dressed male arrived with 3 Russian girls. He did not want to give his address or telephone number, and paid CASH for the room.

L thinks we have some newly imported Prostitutes staying with us!

At about 10am I was going between the Front desk and the Breakfast room and I saw Mr PP instructing the girls on how to use the waffle machine. I commented on what L had said and he said..." That's not them, they are too young!"

I replied..."Russian Pro's are generally YOUNG"! Well there are in the movies!

Anyway the doubting Thomas should never doubt a girl with ESPN!

He confirmed they were the residents of Rm #255, they ate and I didn't see them again. There is always tomorrow.

B and I had a hungry day... thankfully she bought her walking shoes and was able to go to the store and gets us food.

A visit from our neighbour and World Cup football. It was a good day, but lacked a visit from T!

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