Monday, June 7, 2010

What a difference a weekend off makes!

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend at home.

I sometimes think about what is going on when I am not there... but you can be sure on a Monday morning I get to find out the good stuff!

I like Mondays because T and B are there...we do enjoy each others company (I think!)

As you can imagine, E was a little sleepy and cranky.

My friend Mrs M was in town this weekend, it was nice to see her this morning. She was the author of my famous comment card, she asked if I had received a pay rise yet. I informed her NO, so await another comment card soon.

Room 107 seems to have been giving everyone some entertainment. Seems they no longer can afford to Rollaway bed they had in the room, so they are down to 2 beds and seems like 6 people...How?

They eat for 10... each. I cannot believe how many Danishes these people consume. I could barely eat one they look so sweet! Seems the Cheese is the flavour they are partial too... so I am taking them off the menu this week!

Orange/Apple Juice... I think I have refilled the juice machine more times since they arrived than I have since I started working here back in Feb.

They also seem to love loud music and coffee after the hours of 9pm. Lots of complaints about the noise levels in their room. If you are going to party in a hotel, it really is best to invite your neighbours!

We have 2 other long term guests at the moment. Miss F, is going to be remembered, she is heading along the same path as Mr S from #110. She cannot communicate with the Front Desk. Seems telling us before 11 am check out that you wish to extend your stay is not going to happen, and payment.. Oh you want paying also! We tried to get the dog to pay, but it seems he forgot his wallet.

Sexercising started early this week... involving over night workout for one couple.

Regular sexercising for the others.

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