Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A New Record?

A couple checked in to Rm # 112 at 8.13am today, proudly handed back the keys at 8.53. When they checked in they didn't hide the fact that they were here to sexercise... but WOW, that was a short, but lets hope worthwhile workout!

Sexercising is the most expensive fitness program I am aware of at $106 for a 40 minute session, but yet so many are enjoying it!

Rm # 107 clearly dislike the other Danish flavours... way less consumed today, however 32oz of Apple Juice! I hope it whistles through you, you cheeky bugger.

I was starting to think that B has a day off today, but her smiling face arrived later after her Gold Medal Breakfast.

We decided to try a new place for lunch, what with it being payday. We were treated to delicious sandwiches and Panini, more than I could eat. B however managed to finish every morsel including the extra pickles! How does the skinny mini, stay so skinny?

We have a help wanted sign outside... and a lady popped in today to fill out an application. After siting on the sofa and completing the application she felt she needed to share her work experience with me, so that I may pass it on to the person who really needs to know. She explained she may not be able to meet the hours required, not that she doesn't want to work the hours required, her Husband may not like it. She explained how she had hotel experience... this could be a plus I guess if you decide to piss your hubby off and work the hours required. When she had finished her tale, she explained to me that she was very pleased to hear that the person hiring was female. She preferred that because she was NOT Pretty, NOT thin, basically not at all pleasing to the eyes, which apparently is what all male employers want these days!

Mr P was in the office behind and when she left and I went to put the application on T's desk, I could see he had not heard our conversation... But boy was she right, it had nothing to do with her looks, I just think he thought she would break my new chair!

I had to giggle to myself. Lets see what T thinks

Can someone please tell me why everyone wanted to check in at 2.45pm? My shift finishes at 3pm, please wait for the shift change in future L is much more fun at this hour!

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