Saturday, June 26, 2010

Perks of the Job

I am very fortunate to receive some 'Perks' with my job.

The pool is the best, I am able to bring my family to for a refreshing swim on a hot day.

The Fitness Center I have not used at all.

Costco Membership I am looking forward to making use of.

B she was very lucky this week, she tweeted on something and the Westside Theatre on 43rd street sent her tickets to see Love, Loss and What I Wore. It was unfortunate that B was busy and she offered me the tickets.....oh How I love the city, of course I would use them!

The night was all planned in my head.... My BFF R at my side we were meeting at the train and then heading for dinner and then to the show.... I could taste the Guinness I was going to drink from about Friday 6am.

Being a Weight Watcher the food was exciting for me... I saved all my points and ate light for the big pig out.

As the day went on my excitement grew. What to wear was a challenge, but I got there in the end.

We met as planned at the Train Station when R says to me

"Why are we not Driving?"

"I never Drive in to the NYC, I always take the train."

"Well I drive and I LOVE to drive in the city... Let me drive!"

Who was I to argue with her.... I wasn't man enough!

So off we go... on our jolly way.

Until we hit the Lincoln Tunnel.

Seems that every one was going to NYC last night...

We sat in Traffic, We laughed, We sang.... she mentioned something about slapping her for deciding to drive.

I Did.. seems not hard enough!

We joked we may even miss the Show and just eat... I was starving and I needed to eat, I was thirsty and needed a Guinness, but I sang on!

By the skin of our teeth we arrive in front of the Theatre 3 hrs after leaving the station and I dash out of the car and to the box office to pick up the FREE tickets.

I call her to tell her its OK, I got them and we have 10 mins to spare. She tells me she has parked and we head to our seats.

The line for the ladies room was very long... Good Job I didn't have a Guinness yet!

The show started, it was 100 min long.. I was already thinking I want Thai Food...

Maybe Sushi....

Great show, wonderful group of celebs telling hilarious stories about clothes and life events.

By the time we leave I could have eaten a f'ing horse, and drank its pee first. My Head was banging... I was dehydrating and famished...But hey I looked good!!

We head out to eat.... but where should we go...

I decide that we should head in the direction my BFF parked the car so that she needn't walk further than her back would allow.

She said....

"There it is over there"

"Over where" I replied as I could not see her car.


"R, that is not your car"

The nice Limo driving standing by asked if her car was a Mazda... if so it was towed!

TOWED!! Holy Shit.. I am starving and now we have to go and release the car!

Have you ever tried to get cab in NYC... I have many times and find it difficult... Not tonight a 2 second wait and one stopped.

Off the the NYPD Car Impoundments... smells of horse shit... maybe there is one I can eat cos I am by this time hungrier than 10 bears!

What a place that was.. I have never seen the inside of this building before. It was a new experience for me.. all walks of life, but NO food, NO drink and NO vending machine.

To get your car back from the pound you have to have your Drivers Licence, Reg, Insurance etc. Well R had left all of the above in the car.

I had my licence so I had to give it to have access to her car to retrieve the documents she required....

After they call me and we walk to the next holding cell...I am allowed to go rummaging in her car, escorted by the NYPD blues!

Back to holding cell #1

5 or 6 times we had to tell them that it was not my car, even though they kept calling me. Eventually they work out it is R's Car and after 2 hrs we leave.

I nodded off in the car, lack of nourishment I think.

It was a very quick trip back without traffic....

We stopped at McDonalds Drive-Thru and R got Nuggets, I got a small Fries. They were cold and I didn't eat them... but I did hold her nugget tray for her so she could dip her nuggets in a combo of Sweet and sour and BarBQ sauce and drive at the same time.

When I got out the car R reminded me NEVER take free tickets again.. there is no such thing as FREE!

Today I can sit a laugh about it, even though I feel slightly robbed... a trip to the NYC without FOOD and Guinness is only half a trip.

I am owed and will go again very soon, just to eat and drink.

I may have to go alone, R is hiding in the bedroom.

But, What a great story I have to tell my grandchildren...

Me and my BFF "R" ( Big Frigging FOOL) went on an adventure to the NYC, took us 3 hrs to get there... 100 mins of a show... 2 hrs at the NYPD... 1 hrs home.

A Lifetime memory is a perk of my job.

or as Mastercard would say...

Tickets to Show $0
Cab $7
Car release fee $185
Food on Highway $10
Memory of a life time... Priceless!

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