Monday, June 21, 2010

Mariellen, this is for you!

Cheese Danish is back on the menu.....

Rm # 107 departed quickly and early on Saturday morning.... only to be followed by the arrival of 2 men in blue who were looking to arrest Mr J.

I guess they got a tip off, hence the swift departure.

Rm # 231 has once again ran out of money... seems the dog isn't coughing up today either. How can these people sleep at night?

Designs for a Lego hotel need to begin. Do you know how many people book a smoking room because thats all that is available and in the special requests box type NON Smoking?

Special requests are things like... Early check in, Late arrival, Pet, Rollaway Bed, Ground Floor. NOT a different room type.

So it seems they think that I can magic them out of a box and attach them to the end of the hotel?

I will keep you updated on the plans for my lego hotel.

I have ventured into the pool.... it is lovely and is my new exercise regime.

B seems to have broken workstation 1 over the weekend,. I am sure it was an accident but this is my favourite workstation and I was completely out of whack having to sit somewhere else and walk to the back office to collect my printing! I am sure it helped with my exercise though. I hope things are back to normal tomorrow. T was fixing it when I left.

I have been asked by a friend to answer the question. How often do the bedspreads get washed at a hotel?

I can only answer for my hotel... and from what I hear we are above average on this...

The bedspread is what I call the covering on the bed when you enter your hotel room. NOT the comforter/duvet/blankets underneath.

We wash ours 4 times a year, unless they have something spilt on them.

So when you arrive at a hotel...and you are a germ a phobic like me.. remove the cover before sitting on the bed.

I hope this answers your question !

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