Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saying "NO"

Rm# 231 = A 40 something spoilt brat. I bet her mother wishes she had said "NO" 40 something years ago!

As a 38 year young woman I would be embarrassed to ask my mother to pick up my hotel bill, let alone stress her out and suck her dry of her savings. This mother really should say "NO" and mean it!

My children will thank me for teaching them at a young age that "NO" means NO, no matter how much you beg and how big you get!

Shall we take bets on who will be paying when Rm # 231 doesn't check out tomorrow?

Rm # 107 ~ Quiet, but a whole tray of Cheese Danish comsumed. I know I was taking them off the menu. Seems I should have remembered to tell Housekeeping about my evil plan!

Rm# 159/162 incurred a fee for smoking in a NON-smoking room and putting fag burns in the mattress pads. Do all smokers, smoke in bed?

Rm#114 as per our communication system at the front desk I have been warned of a bad BO problem. I have yet to see the guest and pass on the SURE.

Tuesday will not the same until September.... no more visits from T.

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