Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Happenings.

This lady called today to say she was unhappy where she was staying and was looking for another hotel. I was not the one to answer the phone or tell her to come to us, but Mr PP gave her a rate and talked us up she couldn't refuse.

After making her reservation online so she can get a few extra reward points she called to tell me she would be arriving soon, with her 2 children.

As I thought about food... a vehicle draws in, within seconds there are 2 small children running through the flower beds outside the breakfast room...

"Oh please god NO!" my inside voice squeaked.

It took a while for an adult to come to the front desk, but sure enough she announced herself as the guest I was expecting for the other hotel.

She was agitated, who wouldn't be with those kids!

She started to tell me she was having a nightmare trip, nothing was going right, the other hotel was so bad and her kids were driving her crazy, her mother, whom she doesn't really get along with was with her and she just needed to relax.

I am thinking, check them in as fast as you can and get her out of your area.

Well, its not hard to check someone into their room... but this was!

First I ask her to fill out the highlighted areas on the card. Second pass me your method of payment. This was the tricky part.

" I will pay cash, but when I leave"!

Unfortunately, that is not possible without handing me your credit card for authorization.

She see where I am coming and hands me her card to authorise.

I had not had time to hand her the room keys when her telephone rang....

Her mother comes bounding in the front door and launches herself over the front desk demanding matches....

I was completely freaked by the weird woman.

Mrs. R finished her telephone call and asked me to reverse the authorisation I have just completed... that is not possible if you are paying cash.

She started crying and took herself off to the bathroom... by this time I had already called the B Team for backup.

Whilst standing waiting, her kids are running a muck and taking all my candy. Eventually she comes back... big black mascara streaks down her face.

She takes the room keys and wants a dolly for her luggage.

We don't have a dolly! This threw her into another tizzy.

B kindly offered to help as the lady stropped off to the car, whist the mother sat, the kids jumped on the sofa, she came back and took b's offer for help.

Poor B was a pack horse whilst the kids continued to jump on sofa in the lobby.

Why did they need so much stuff for one night?

I started thinking about how tomorrow morning is going to be, I am sure those kids are going to as well behaved in the breakfast room as they were waiting around today!

Food fight maybe?

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